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Slop Hound

come to my slum for an hour

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I am an OWL SAUSAGE and I am a community where creatures such as sleeping_flower can report their adventures in the Sheffield suburbs.

*This community is open to anyone but anyone considered to be posting anything inappropriate will be barred.
*The community is primarily for the recounting of trips around Sheffield suburbs and/or the ingesting of owly food.
*You may also post about experiences of eating owl sausages and which sorts you prefer. Post about encounters with owl sausage vans and the like.
*Pictures are more than welcome although if large in size should be placed behind an lj-cut.
*Enjoy it..
alastair, all buses, attercliffe, baby owls, being joysilence's cheap whore, being owly, being too drunk, brab's fridge, buses, co-ops own shit, curbs, daisy, darnall, dirty hands, dirty places, dirty takeaways, discount bus journeys, donkey, donkey burger, dore, dressing as buses, drew's head, drew's lower left arm, dyke vale road, eagle, eagle soup, eating a pie, eating owl with others, edexcel, eggy kerry, elderly buses, escapism, exploration at night, exploring the suburbs, fantasies, fat, feeling owly, fir vale, first buses, firth parky behaviour, forcing meat, frosty pavements, getting away from reality, gleadless, gleadless townend, goose fishcakes, grease, greasy panda, grenoside, handsworth, i love owl sausage, intake, jack fulton, jacksons, jane, jordanthorpe, kebaby, liquid panda kebab, livejournal, livejournal polls, luncheon, luncheon meat, mania, manor park centre, manor pork centre, manor top, meat, medium thick sauce, microwave food, millhouses, mindless scallies, mo, monsters, mr hex, nether edge, netherthorpe, nettos, night, ovary dumplings, owl, owl fans, owl pizza, owl sanctuary, owl sausage, owl vans, owl wings, owler bar, owlerton, owling around, owls, owly behaviour, owly days, owly seconds, panda kebab, pappers, paste like meat, pease pudding, pie, poo, pork pies, public transport, rancid meat, roadkill and rice, roads, roast owl, rotting mussels, round eyes, sausage skin, sharrow, sheffield, sheffield buses, sheffield interchange, sheffield lane top, shepherds pie, shirecliffe, shiregreen, shit covered goods, sleeping owls, slime, slop, slop hounds, sloppy owl, sloppy takeaways, snake pasta, southey green, spar, suburban life, suburbs, swan spring rolls, takeaways, tarts, teso value, the 1 bus, the 2 bus, the 8 bus, the 9 bus, the deep north, the mysterious 1 bus, toad chips, turds, undercooked slop, value goods, vole, vole pie, vomit, whirlow, wincobank, woodhouse, worksop, wybourn